> Our showroom has moved to the Meidoornplein in Wezep. We hope we can open soon. View our collection now at: www. livingfair.nl

We sell furniture for our Food For Life project Malawi online and in our showroom in Wezep. Here you will find the most beautiful products for your home and office. By buying these products you have not only bought a beautiful piece of furniture, by buying through us you are helping a major food project in Malawi! We call that buying WinWin. You buy beautiful and affordable designer furniture and the people of Malawi help you grow food.

Much of our furniture is displayed in our showroom and is therefore immediately available.

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Top products from top companies

Thanks to our suppliers we can sell beautiful furniture. And thus we contribute to a hopeful future in Malawi. You can buy many products at www.livingfair.nl. But through our suppliers you can choose from thousands of products and if you buy them through us, we will receive 20 to 30% of your purchase price for our project!

You can buy furniture from our collection online via: livingfair.nl