The Food For LiFe project helps farmers in Malawi to grow maize with a better yield. This project focuses on food security and economic independence.


The Food For LiFe project

The Food For Life project focuses on helping farmers grow maize. That has turned out to be a success. In 2020, the foundation has set itself the goal of achieving full independence by 2024 at the latest.


The FFF basic principles

The Food For Life project works according to a number of basic principles. These relate to the participants, the (knowledge of the) organic farming method and the financing of the project, which will ultimately function completely independently.


A different way of growing

For a long time it was thought that fertilizers would be the solution for the production of more food. However, when the FFF method was introduced, it was discovered that fertilizers destroyed the soil. Enriched compost improves the soil and can generate the same yields.


Mansholt in Malawi

The way to complete independence. To achieve the desired result from the current situation, one more step has to be taken. That step is called "Mansholt"