Yes, I can hear you thinking: Malawi, isn’t that very far away? And what should we do there? Can’t those people save themselves? That was my first reaction. But I still want to ask you to pay attention to this project, because it is really special and it brings so much to a lot of people.

May we have your attention

Hi, my name is Alie Overkempe and I am committed to Malawi! As a volunteer we are committed to keeping the daily life of the people in Malawi liveable. The little we do makes a huge difference to the people there. I am happy that I can make a contribution from the Netherlands!

It is not without reason that they call Malawi “the warm heart of Africa”. It is an incredibly beautiful country. Malawi is especially rich in natural beauty, but what makes it really beautiful are the lovely and hospitable people. Or you could say children better because the country consists largely of children. Everywhere you go you see children playing.

But the country also has a terrible other side. It is one of the poorest countries in the world. There is too little knowledge and money to grow food yourself. Medical facilities are seriously inadequate and education does not have enough resources. Fortunately, there are many initiatives, people have hope and pride to help build their country. Together we achieve a lot and we can really be meaningful there.

Alie Overkempe, volunteer.