WEZEP – The Help-Malawi store on the Rondweg in Wezep reopened on Friday, August 30, 2019. It is a store that – according to the volunteers – manages to provide 100,000 needy people with food every day through furniture sales.

Help Malawi store

Acting Mayor Janneke Snijder-Hazelhof is impressed. “I often drove by here and saw the word ‘Malawi’ on the facade, but was completely unaware of the impact this store had. I have a deep respect for what this foundation means to so many people. The number is almost twice the municipality of Oldebroek! ”

Renovated store

The renovated store now mainly contains new furniture. Much of this stuff has been provided by major suppliers. Of the profit from furniture sold, 30 to 100 percent goes to the foundation. “Furniture for corn, what a great story that is! Everyone should know what is happening here, ” said acting mayor Snijder-Hazelhof.

Bo Teerling, on behalf of the foundation: “The shop has changed. Our new collection only consists of brand new furniture and our appearance has also been improved. We are no longer a cycle. And the reports from Malawi are also very positive. More and more farmers are adopting the successful agricultural formula. And that gives more farmers a good harvest. We started in 2012 with 27 farmers. Last year, 3,668 farming families participated and more than 30,000 people were able to eat nsima, a plate of maize porridge every day. And we hope to provide food for 42,000 people this season. ”

The country of Malawi with 18 million inhabitants is one of the poorest countries in the world. Famine and starvation are part of everyday life. The population is mostly under 25 years old. And a lot of labor and knowledge has been lost. Teerling: “We help farmers regain this knowledge and make the right compost. We have the application for 10,000 extra farmers, but we are reaching the limits of our capabilities and we need continuous financial resources. The renovated store is a good start. ”