The foundation has a showroom in use in Wezep. This showroom is filled with only new furniture.
There are four categories in it. Returns from a webshop and returns from an importer. We sell these for half the price. In addition, there is new solid regular furniture that we can sell via the website of our supplier. The discount we receive from them goes directly all the way to our project. We have been exempt from paying rent and utilities for almost ten years now. We only work with volunteers. So everything we earn goes to our project.

Meidoornplein 11 Wezep
tel. 0118 355 732

Opening hours:
Thursday and friday from 2 pm to 8 pm
and Saturday from 10am to 4pm

New furniture

From your purchase, 30% of the profit goes to Malawi, while the new price remains the same. Take a quick look at the site: and view the more than 10,000 products.

Furniture for corn

  • Huge showroom with living furniture

  • New & trendy furniture for your home!

  • Profit for Malawi!